Kick-off-meeting REGENERATE-IT

We are pleased to announce the network-wide kick-off meeting of the REGENERATE-IT network. The meeting will take place during 23-24 November 2023 in the European Research Institute for the Biology of Agening (ERIBA), Groningen, The Netherlands.

We cordially invite all the PIs, partner organisations, and newly recruited Doctoral Candidates (DCs) from the REGENERATE-IT network to meet and greet each other, present their work plans and discuss their project’s objectives and chanllenges.

The program of the Kick-off meeting consists of multiple sessions where the coordinator will introduce the REGENERATE-IT network, PIs will introduce their research themes, DCs will present their research projects, meetings with Supervisory Board members and Supervisoryand selected PIs will give scientific lectures on the latest breakthrough.

The DCs will also get training on research integrity addressing the potential ethical issues in daily research work, including interpretation of research data, research conduct, and authorship; project management, including project structure, time management, decision-making, and project phases.

The Kick-off meeting will take place at the ERIBA, UMCG.

Marten Hofkerzaal, 3rd floor, ERIBA building,
Antonius Deusinglaan, 1
Building # 3226
9713 AV Groningen
The Netherlands

We recommend the participants to stay at the nearby hotel: Hotel NH Groningen.

Hotel NH Groningen,
Hanzeplein 132,
9713 GW Groningen
The Netherlands

Travel by air

Travelling from Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) to Groningen
When you arrive in the Netherlands at Schiphol, Amsterdam international airport, easiest way to travel Groningen is by train. Underground train station beneath the airport is within walking distance of luggage claim areas. Dutch railway system is called Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), you will recognize it its yellow and blue colors. Just follow illuminated signs that direct ‘to trains’.

Travel by train

Train Tickets
You will have to purchase a single-use chip card (this is your train ticket) to Groningen at the ticket counteror at the yellow and blue ticket-vending machines that you will find in the luggage claim hall and by every entrance to the train terminal. You can purchase tickets from the machines only by using your Credit Card or a Debit Card with the Maestro logo. The vending machines do not take Credit Cards or American Debit Cards.

If you use a single-use chip card or OV-chipkaart please make sure you check in and out; hold your OV-chipkaart up against the NS card reader in one of the gates or free-standing posts.
You can also buy your ticket online and simply print it yourself. This allows you to take care of everything whenever and wherever it suits you. All you have to do is complete the journey details, pay for the order, download and print your e-ticket. This means that you can board the train straight away!

Train schedules
Information on travelling by train is available on the NS website.
The journey from Schiphol Airport takes approximately two hours and Groningen is the last stop. There is an hourly direct Intercity train between Schiphol and Groningen. The trains are quite comfortable and (most trains) feature free wireless Internet in all classes and 220V AC outlets in first class. Food and drinks are not sold on the trains, please make sure that you purchase these beforehand at the airport.

Travel by car 

Traveling to Groningen by car
Please note that car traffic in the city center is restricted and street parking is very limited. Also be aware of the numerous cyclists that may not exactly follow the traffic regulations. There are multiple parking garages located near the center.
More information on car parking in Groningen, including the street parking regulations, can be found here. 
Groningen bereikbaar
Read here about our work in progress and key traffic projects and discover smart travel alternatives.
Taxis in Groningen
Taxi Groningen: +31 (0)50 – 549 7676,
Taxi Noord: +31 (0)50 – 549 4940,
Schiphol taxi Groningen: +31 (0)50 – 850 7519,

Planning your journey in the Netherlands

Public transport
You might find the website very useful for planning your journey in the Netherlands. The planner combines all available public transportation – trains, buses, trams, metro, and boats – to provide an optimal route. It also informs you real-time about the current delays and disruptions in public transportation.

You can find more information about things to do in and around Groningen on Visit Groningen website.